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How much does an air source heat pump cover cost?

How much does a heat pump cover cost

The cost of an air source heat pump cover can vary significantly based on the size and material chosen.

On the lower end, a mesh cage for a heat pump can cost a few hundred pounds, while wooden guards typically come at a slightly higher price.

Metal mesh guards generally range between £400-£800, depending on the size.

Wooden covers tend to be slightly more expensive, with prices ranging from around £500-£900, taking into account the size and desired finish.

An overall better and more aesthetically appealing cover is available from Outsteel. Outsteel air source heat pump covers are made from strong, durable galvanised steel and provide a very attractive aesthetic when compared to mesh or wooden alternatives.

Prices for Outsteel heat pump covers and shelters start from just £200 up to £900 depending on the style and size required.

Check out all Outsteel designs here. To request a price list, email


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