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Outsteel In Production

Since the start of the pandemic, consumers have been making the improvement of their outdoor space a priority. Gardens have become a true extension of the home and the joy that homeowners take in personalising it is no longer limited to landscaping. Furniture, decoration, colours, materials, and smart and discreet storage items can now be found in all four corners of our gardens.

Offering homeowners personalisation has always been at the heart of Cheminées Poujoulat (evident in our unique range of chimney products), and in response to this trend, has introduced OUTSTEEL, a brand new range of heat pump and air conditioning covers which ensures complete protection of the units in addition to better integrating them into their external environments.

With cutting-edge industrial know-how, OUTSTEEL covers, made from high-quality steel, are customisable, adaptable, easy and quick to install and offer both practicality and aesthetic value. The range brings a designer touch to heat pump and air con outdoor units, making them more elegant than the units themselves.


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