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Keep your heat pump or air conditioning safe and stylish with COVER by OUTSTEEL!

This affordable and easy-to-install cover is the perfect way to protect your device from rain, snow, UV rays, and more. With its carport-like design, COVER seamlessly blends your device with its surroundings, so it's practically invisible. Plus, you get to choose the colour of your COVER - go for a subtle shade that seamlessly blends in with your environment, or pick a more eye-catching hue to make your device stand out. With COVER, you can keep your heat pump or air conditioning looking its best while staying safe from the elements!

Product Details

The COVER heat pump or air conditioning unit cover is designed to protect and hide the technical unit located outside the home.

Simple to install on a wall, the COVER model is compatible with all brands of heat pumps regardless of their height. 

Want another colour? In addition to the 4 colours already available, COVER can be customised to order in the RAL shade of your choice for integration in perfect harmony with the environment (25% additional cost).

COVER heat pump shelter


COVER is available in the following 4 RAL colours as standard.

Supports are always RAL 9019

Other RAL colours are available to order.

RAL colours


COVER is available in the following configuration:


COVER wall-fixed side
COVER wall-fixed front
COVEr wall-fixed top


Size of cover (inner dimensions LxW): 930 x 696mm 


Weight: 10.8kg


All OUTSTEEL heat pump and air conditioning covers have been tested by the CÉRIC Laboratory and have a  two-year warranty.

Installation Video

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Want to know more?

Outsteel Brochure

Download the Outsteel brochure here

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