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Make your outdoor space unique with COLOURS!

Create a 100% original and customizable installation with this self-supporting partial heat pump and air conditioning unit cover. 

Choose between the various colours for the side faces and cover tiles to bring your outdoor space to life. COLOURS will keep your heat pump or air conditioning unit safe from weather and external shocks while giving your garden a unique look.


Let COLOURS bring your outdoor space to life!

Product Details

COLOURS consists of three elements: 

> a black RAL 9019 frame, available in 3 sizes (height adjustable up to 150 mm), 
> side protection panels (made up of one small and one large panel), 
cover tiles (6 tiles for size S, 8 tiles for size M, 10 tiles for size L). 

The 4 colours of standard cover tiles (sold in pairs) allow you to create your cover according to your preferences. For extra personalisation, you can choose any RAL colour for your tiles (25% additional cost)! 

COLOURS - 6 tiles


Self-supporting frame.

Narrow and deep side panels are available in the following 4 RAL colours as standard.

Cover tiles (sold in pairs) are available in the following 4 RAL colours as standard.

Other RAL colours are available to order.

RAL colours


COLOURS is available in the following configuration:

Self-supporting frame

COLOURS - side
COLOURS  - front


COLOURS is available in 3 sizes (inner dimensions LxHxW): 

   6 tiles : 928 x 660 x 600 mm
   8 tiles : 1212 x 660x  600 mm

   10 tiles: 1497 x 660 x 600 mm

Adjust height: from 660 to 810mm (in adjustments of 30mm)

Weight: from 23kg to 30.4kg


All OUTSTEEL heat pump and air conditioning covers have been tested by the CÉRIC Laboratory and have a  two-year warranty.

Installation Video

Installation Guide

COLOURS installation guide

Want to know more?

Outsteel Brochure

Download the Outsteel brochure here

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