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How much does Outsteel cost?

To request pricing, please complete the Contact Form, providing detail of the model you are interested in and we shall reply to you as soon as possible.

How do I place an order?

You can please your order with our Customer Service team.

Please email with details of what you would like to order, including:

Your Name:

Your Address:

Telephone Number:

Email Address:

Outsteel Model (model name and the configuration required e.g. wall-hung, wall-hung with bottom; wall-hung with 2  feet, freestanding/floor-mounted with 4 feet)

Model Size:


Our customer service team will then contact you to confirm the price and to take payment. They will also be able to advise on the anticipated delivery date.

Are Outsteel covers painted or powder coated?

All Outsteel covers are powder coated. Powder coating is seen as superior to painting for most applications. It is safer, less toxic, easier to clean up and provides a rock-hard protective surface in addition to vibrant colour.

Do you offer bespoke sizes of Outsteel covers?

No. Outsteel models are available in a range of sizes, carefully designed to be compatible with the majority of heat pump and air conditioning brands.

Does Outsteel mask the noise of the heat pump?

No. Outsteel's primary objective is to conceal the units whilst not interfering with the proper functioning of the appliance. They are not designed to mask any noise from the heat pump unit itself

Does Outsteel amplify the noise of the heat pump?

Despite the fact that testing the acoustic aspect of covers is a specialist area that requires expertise and very demanding measurement conditions, often devaluing the aesthetic aspect, we can advise that Outsteel casings do not amplify the noise emitted by the unit.

Does Outsteel impact appliance performance?

We have carried out numerous tests in the CERIC laboratory (a certified laboratory for chimney systems that has the knowledge and experience to deal with mechanical strength, pressure drop and paint testing) at each stage of product development to guarantee a product that meets market requirements.

No significant loss of load or efficiency was noted during these tests. We have also confirmed these tests with some of our partners who manufacture heat pumps.

What sort of warranty does Outsteel come with?

All Outsteel covers and shelters come with a 2-year guarantee.

Does Outsteel arrive assembled?

No. Outsteel covers are all shipped flat-packed. Installation is straight forward and detailed installation instructions are available to view at the bottom of each product page on this website.

Do I need specialist tools to assemble Outsteel

No. Installing Outsteel is simple. Generally a 2-person job, basic tools are required including a drill, spirit level, Allen key, tape measure and spanner is required. 

NOTE: Fixings are NOT provided as it is essential that you use stainless steel screws and raw plugs appropriate for the material they will be used with.

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